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Welcome to Belize

For additional information about our cave tubing tour please direct your questions to info@cave-tubing.com or contact us by telephone.

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Book Your Belize Cave Tubing Excursion With Us and SAVE as much as

60% OFF Your Ship's Price

Ask about the special rate for your ship. Let us know the name of the ship and the date it will be in the Belize City port.

Depending on the cruise ship you are sailing on you can save between 50% to 60% and even more when you book your cave tubing excursion directly with us. We are a Belizean tour company and the first to specialize in cave tubing tours. Over the years we have always strived to make our cave tubing tour better than the cruise ships' tour starting with our much lower price, which has remained less than half the price that most cruise ships charge. But this is just one of several good reasons to book with us. The other reasons include: better service, more fun and an authentic Belizean experience. What matter's most to you? Cheaper price? Better service? A better experience? If price is your biggest concern let us know your ship's price and we'll ensure that our price is at least half their price! And if you are concerned about getting back to the ship on time, have no fear. We've been serving cruise ship passengers for years and none of our guests have ever been left behind. We'll get you back to your ship on time. That's a definite guarantee!

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Pick up and drop off at Cruise Ship Terminal

Belize Cave Tubing Best Rate GuaranteeWe'll pick you up at the cruise ship terminal in Belize City and bring you back with time to spare so you can return to your ship on time.

We do our Cave Tubing tours at the same place as the cruise line tours. The only difference is our tours are more personal and far more economical.


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Thanks for supporting our local tour operation!

"Not everyone is brave enough to book an excursion outside the cruise ship but thanks to socially conscious people like you, cruise tourism is able to benefit a lot more people than it would otherwise.

By booking directly with us you are doing more than just saving a lot of money and ensuring the best experience for yourself and those traveling with you. You are also helping to keep shore excursion prices low for many families who cannot afford high cruise ship prices. Also, you are helping to grow the economy of our beautiful, yet still developing country.

So on behalf of my family and the families of all our tour guides, drivers and other support staff, THANK YOU!"

Yhony Rosado