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Belize Cave Tubing - Cruise Critic Member Reviews Belize Cave Tubing - Cruise Critic Member Reviews
  I have to say, I really enjoyed the cave tubing but the 4 wheelers made my day! There is nothing like riding thru the rainforest and seeing it's awesome beauty and feeling the rush of adrenaline as you zip around over trails and muddy paths before you move on to the cool water of the caves. I would have to say hands down, this was my favorite activity and I will definitely do it again.

  What a fantastic experience! I and my family of 23, including my 75 year old mother-in-law, enjoyed a beautiful, fun adventure with Richard, Junny, and Jeff. It was amazing to hike through the jungle and Richard made sure non of the ladies were burdened with carrying their tube (what a gentleman).
I am still smiling. What a fun tour! From the time we got into the bus till we got off, it was the best tour I had on the port of calls from carnival valor. Keith, Tigre and Mike made it fun from the start, great tour guides,everybody was happy,the jokes by them self were worth the money we paid for this tour,no fear cave tubing is here,that was very true.

NOHOCH CHE'EN Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve
We do our Cave Tubing tours inside the Nohoch Che'en Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve. The reserve is managed by the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH).


Cave Tubing in Belize is the most popular Belize shore excursion. Many Western Caribbean cruise ship passengers who did this tour with Cave-Tubing.com considered cave tubing to be the highlight of their trip. We invite you to find out why.

Watch our Belize Cave Tubing Video for a sneak peak of what it is like cave tubing with us. Or continue reading to learn more about cave tubing in Belize.

Cave-Tubing.com's Belize Cave Tubing tour allows you to become one with nature while taking a short journey through an ancient Underworld where the ancient Maya performed many sacred rituals such as bloodletting and sacrifice to the gods. Guided by our experienced Belizean tour guides, you will venture into the depths of the magical Belizean rainforest, tube down the refreshing Caves Branch River and through spectacular cave systems, which the Maya believed were the dwelling place of many Mayan gods known as the Lords of Death. This is an exciting adventure you'll never want to end and one you will never forget.

Belize Cave tubing is our specialty and we have worked hard to make our tour fun and safe for all. Our experienced and properly trained tour guides will ensure that you and your family have the most safe and enjoyable Belize cave tubing experience possible. You may read more about us on the Tour Details page.

Our reservation process is easy and hassle FREE. There's no need to take out your credit card.


Book Now and pay later!

It's as simple as that. Experience the rain forest, explore our caves, have fun, get wet, ride the currents, breathe fresh air and pay when you're done. That's the Cave-Tubing.com way. It's our way of saying, "we are so confident you will enjoy our Belize Cave Tubing tour, we let you pay when the tour is over." Also, this way we work twice as hard to satisfy you so when the time comes for you to pay... you'll be more than happy to.

So go ahead and make a reservation for your Belize Cave Tubing Adventure Tour. Our friendly staff is standing by to receive your request. Normally, all reservation requests are responded to almost immediately. We also recommend viewing our Belize Cave Tubing video to see what it's like cave tubing with us.

Our Newest Attraction!
ATV Jungle Tour
Belize ATV Jungle Tours
Special Promotional Price: $35 per person

Try our ATV Jungle Tour, the perfect tour for those who love an adventure or a challenge. Anyone can do it, from the experienced ATV rider to the novice (never done it before) ATV rider. Children too young to ride on their own may ride with an adult. Adults too timid to ride on their own may ride with a partner. The trail is perfectly safe and the terrain is flat. Our jungle trail is 5 miles of twists and turns through the Belize rain forest and offers loads of fun for everyone. Our ATV Jungle Tour property is located just five minutes (3 miles) before the Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve where you can also enjoy our very popular Belize Cave Tubing Tour.

Read more and watch the ATV Jungle Tour Video.


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